WhatsApp is playing most important role in our life. We use WhatsApp for all imp conversation with our friends, and family. we are connected all together through WhatsApp. So it’s important, we should create the backup file, because it might be happened sometimes we lost our cell phones, we lost our conversation. So time to time we need to create backup. So in this articles you can learn How To Backup Your WhatsApp Message On Google Drive And you can automatically set timing schedule in a daily and weekly. If by chance you lost your mobile than you don’t have to worry, at least you have back up and your conversation will be save.

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     Now let’s see. Open your WhatsApp and check which version you are using. If you are using old version then maybe this function will not work for you.Download WhtaApp Latest Version

If you don’t have latest version. And you are unable to update from Google Play then go WhatsApp official website and download it.

Download WhatsApp Latest Version Here

How To Backup Your WhatsApp Message On Google Drive

When you install WhatsApp Latest Version Open WhatsApp

Click on Menu Go in settings

WhatsApp Messanger

Now Go in Chats and Calls


Here you can see the options “Chat Backup”

WhatsApp BackUp

Now you can see there is two option 1. Last Backup and 2. Google drive Settings

WhatsApp Google Drive settings

Click On Back up to Google Drive

WhatsApp Backup

Choose Backup Schedule

Back up Now go in Account 

Account Settings

Choose gmail Account if you have multiple account or add account where you want to save backup

Gmail Account

And then click on Backup Over


Here you can set your back up is create on  wifi or in mobile data

Back up on wifi

Finally if you want to backup WhatsApp video the mark this option

Video backup

After all this settings then you can click on BACK UP

Backup whatsApp

Ok now your things are start backing up, If your mobile has been steal. In this situation. You can recover your conversation . So this important feature.  WNJOY



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