Have you ever find it so frustrating to make several screenshots, just to make sure you haven’t miss out on anything. And with so many Screenshot you have to put them in right order so that they don’t get mixed up in the process of saving or sending them. What if I tell you that I’ve found a perfect solution for this problem. There is an App in which you can make several screenshots together into one Long Screenshot, that App is called LongShot: for Long Screenshot. Download Here

LongShot for long screenshot
LongShot for long screenshot
Developer: Leav Jenn
Price: Free+

Some phones already have this feature of scrolling screenshots, like Xiaomi and OnePlus, Xiaomi is first smartphone to introduced this feature and other smartphone makers have been following suit. Recently, Oneplus has introduced this feature in its Oneplus 5 and it is pretty cool.

Capturing long screenshots can come in really handy in some circumstances. Instead of sending multiple screenshot to anyone, you can send a single long screenshot with all the details that you wanted to share in a single image.

So if you are not a Xiaomi or Oneplus user, don’t worry, LongShot: for Long Screenshot will help you take scrolling screenshot on any Android Device.

LongShot is a US developed app featuring three different Function

  • Taking Screenshots
  • Capturing webpages
  • Horizontal/ Vertical image stiching

There are number of third party apps that try to mimic the scrolling screenshot and Longshot is one of the best App available on Playstore to serve that purpose. With its three basic functions, mentioned above, the best best way to take a scrolling screenshot is by using the “capture Screenshot” method. Though it also include an Auto Capture function, but it doesn’t seem to be working, other than that it is a great app. Some of its distinct features are as follows:-

  • Automatically merge multiple screenshot/ images into one vertically or horizontally, with a bunch of other options.
  • Powerful manual stiching tool to fine-tune a pixel perfect long image.
  • No watermarks, all features are free.
  • Floating screenshot capturing button can take multiple screenshots like a breeze.
  • Auto capture screenshots after scrolling.
  • Capture long webpage by only 2 clicks.

LongShot is a great app for taking long screenshot of your chats from messaging apps, web pages, threads etc. it is better than sending multiple screenshots and works just fine. It provides useful feature for users and run better than the other apps, so don’t wait and download the app ASAP!!



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