ASPIRINGMINDS Comes up with a new product called MOCK AI (Artificial Intelligence) The product is nothing but an effective tool to prepare for competitive interviews.

After applying to the companies or contacting consultancies you expect some interview calls, so are you well prepared for that?

Because in most of the cases what we have seen is that candidates get rejected because of the shortcomings which they are unaware of and for which they never receive any feedback. The only thing told to them is that you have either been selected or rejected.

You need to have strong interview skills to succeed in today’s market. Impressing the interviewer might be the only thing standing between you and your dream job. Interview skills are as important as technical skills. Assessments and good technical knowledge takes you only so far. To succeed in an interview you need to convince the recruiter to hire you.

To help you ace your next interview, AMCAT has come up with a FANTASTIC program/product called MOCK AI that uses the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technology to give you the most advanced feedback on your interview skills.

The product is available at just RS 750. Thousands of candidates have bought MOCK AI and have been preparing for interviews and are getting placed successfully, sources confirmed.

MOCK AI is an interview assessment tool. In this assessment, you sit in front of a computer and give a simulated interview through a webcam. All your responses including your gestures, your body language your eye movements etc are recorded and scrutinised to give you a detailed feedback. You will be asked questions as are asked in real interviews and will be given time to think and sufficient time to answer. All your movements will be scrutinised deeply through audio and video recordings that will be followed by your MOCK AI test report.

The REPORT will be highlighting all minor and major mistakes related to your

EMOTIONS: – Friendliness, like with smile on face

ENGAGEMENT: – Replies (Energetic or Dull).

COMPOSURE: – Eye contact, sign of nervousness, body language etc

Also you will be shared the video link of your responses to the question so that you can yourself check as to how your response was and can relate the same with your written feedback report. This will help you to immediately identify your mistakes and you can start working towards eliminating them.

Now the best part is once you have fully prepared yourself again and eliminated the weakness marked in your report you can re attempt the test after 30 days and see for yourself the improvement in your interview skills. Also you do not have to pay anything for it.

Buy MOCK AI from here


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