With new Smartphone companies sprouting all around the world every week and the colossal presence of some of the best brands in the market. All giving a set of features and specs to die for. The journey of choosing the ONE for you becomes quite a difficult task. Here in this article “How to Choose your Dream mobile” you can choose your dream smartphone by following these steps.

How to Choose your Dream mobile
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Fix your Price Range

The most important step towards buying your dream phone is to fix the price range which you can afford to spend. Whether you want to go slow on your pocket and bag in a reasonable model. Or want to break your bank to get a hand on the grandest brand. It is a decision which you need to take independently.

Choose your desirable Operating System

Next is to be clear of which OS you want your handset to be configured on or which OS is easier for you to use. The broad categories of OS available in the Indian market are Android, Windows and iOS each having its own set of apps and features to be attracted to.

How to Choose your Dream mobile
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Select your Brand

With hundreds of brand available in the market, zeroing down on the brand of your choice does become a heady task. You have the easy choice of going with the giants like Google, Apple or Samsung. Or going with the newest residents in the market like Micromax, Lava, Karbonn or Xiaomi. Choose the one that fits your price range.

Camera provided

One of the leading reasons for the sudden boom of the Smartphone was the presence of the camera feature. Now a good Smartphone is recognized by the higher megapixel it serves. Smartphones sporting primary camera up to 40MP and secondary camera s upto16MP has taken the world by storm. So if you are looking to use your phone to capture exquisite pictures. Choose a phone sporting a high MP camera.

Size & Look of the Model

Many of us want to flaunt a model which posses a stylish and sleek design and can give a rich feel to your set. Many also prefer Smartphones with a huge screen for a better display and view like 5 to 6 inches, or a smaller one like 3 to 4 inches. So decide which size will be more comfortable for your use and narrow down on the model.

Amount of Storage Provided

Another very important aspect in this era of downloading applications and optimum gallery usage is the amount of storage which your Smartphone can gift you with. Depending on your mode or purpose of use, choose whether you will be happy with a phone having 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal or external storage. The more the storage, the lesser headache of space availability remains.

The Battery in Use

With the advent of Smartphone connected continuously to the internet, the battery back-up provided, has gone for a toss. So choose a set which has a good battery which can sustain your Smartphone for hours at an end, even under heavy usage. Any battery above 3000mAh makes for a good choice.

So, follow this few steps tentatively, and you will witness that the road to buy your dream Mobile has become a lot easier and pleasant.

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