The Race to developing 5G is closer than you think. With the demand of data doubling each year, the need for this 5th generation technology is ever increasing. Apart from browsing the web and stream online content on our mobile devices we will need this technology for driverless cars, smart cities etc.

Some companies are looking to build on existing technologies, simply making 4G radio frequencies faster. Others believe the entire radio network will need to be restructured. For example, one promising concept for 5G involves using high frequency millimeter-waves and a series of base stations connected to buildings and lampposts. Whatever the technology maybe however we do know these things about 5G:

  • It’s expected to be about 100 times faster than 4G, allowing you to download an entire film in under a second.
  • Latency – the time it takes for data to start transferring –  will be greatly reduced, meaning the video you want to stream will start instantly when you press play.
  • 5G will also have a much larger capacity, enabling more users to access the network at once and potentially bringing an end to those restrictive data limits imposed my mobile operators.

While our present mobiles are unlikely to support 5G network. We might need new hardware to support the next generation mobile network technology. However, by the time 5G becomes available, you will probably have upgraded your handset anyway.


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