If you are a student, tourist or traveler one thing which can bother you when you go to different places is “Language Barrier”. Though English is an international language but most of the people of other countries & places in the world doesn’t speak it. And at those places very annoying situation arises. Like if you want to visit a certain place or want to have dinner at any restaurant but because of the language barrier you can’t get that. And it will also be very time consuming in explaining.

How to talk in any language around the world

But don’t worry, here is the solution. There are some useful Apps available which can translate. And also can speech (give voice) in real time of your native country language. All you need to do this open the app and select your country language first. And after that select the language in which you want to translate. Go to the mic option and click. The icon will blink and you just need to say the sentence you want to translate. The app will speech by giving voice of the language you want of your sentence. And also give you the text.

How to talk in any language around the world

So, it will help you to talk with the locals of that place or you can just show them the text. You will enjoy using these apps. And also it will be very helpful if you want to learn any other language for educational purpose.

How to talk in any language around the world

Well there are many options available in the app market but we will recommend Voice Translator

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