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30+ Real Life Project - After completing every section we will create real life project. Also every lesson is based on real life example.

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Back&White To Color
Pixel Starching
Pixel Starching
Text Masking
Text Behind
Dispersion Effect
Dispersion Effect
Famous Bulb Manipulation
First Manipulation
Product Showcase
Product Showcase
3d Text
Style - 3D Text
Invitation Card
Invitation Card
Logo Design
Logo Design
app interface
App Interface

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Anyone With Laptop


Content Creator

Graphic Designer



Video Editor

Digital Marketer


Course Module

There’s More Inside The Course

In this module we will cover Basics of Photoshop like Create New Project, Open and Save Image, Workspace and Navigation etc.

In This module we will discuss everything about layer like how layers works, layer arrangement, Layers related Shortcut, Blending Modes, Layer Style, Type of layers etc. We will close this module by Creating 3 Real Life Project.

In This Module We will Discuses about cropping tool and there option like Perspective cropping, content aware and straighten etc.  

This module is very important because in this module we will learn everything about selection. We will learn every type of selection tools and technique, Also we will learn all other option available for creating good selection like  Pen Tool, Channel based Selection, Easy Sky Replacement etc. 

After Completing This Module I Can 100% Guarantee you that you can Create any type of selection.  And Finally We will Create 3 Real Life Project 

This Module is dedicated for any type of transformation like Scale, Rotation, Flip, Perspective Change, Warping etc. We Will Also Discuss Very Important Shortcut Needs For Pattern Creation. And Finally We will Create 2 Real Life Project 

In Photoshop Mask is like a unlimited lifeline. Without Mask every change is destructive, means we can’t modify values after it’s done. So We will learn everything about mask like basics of mask, Mask with Brush tool, Clipping Mask And Important Mask Related Shortcuts.  

Brush Tool is most commonly used Tools in Photoshop. Without Brush we can’t imagine retouching, Masking, Color Grading etc.

So In this module we will learn everything about Brush tool like How to use brush, deferent type of brush ( Color replacement Brush, Color Mixer Brush ) Background and Foreground Color, Brush settings, How to create Own brush, How to download and install brush etc. And Finally We will Create 1 Real Life Project 

Eraser is a self explanatory tool. We can Erase unwanted part, sky or background etc. using Eraser Tool so will learn everything and every type of Eraser tool in this module 

This module is dedicated for tools that required for Spot Cleaning, blemishes cleaning, Object Removal, Cloning or fixing texture etc. In this module we learn tools like Spot healing brush, clone tool, patch tool, content aware tool and also we will learn how we can work non destructively. And Finally We will Create 1 Real Life Project.

In this module we will discuss everything about light and color adjustment. we will start from basic theory of light and color and then we will learn every important tools related to lights and color like Brightest and contrast, Level, Curve, Hue and Saturation, Color Mixture, Channel Mixture , Dodging and Burning etc. And Finally We will Create 4 Real Life Project.

Text is a very important element for graphic design so in this module we will discuses every possible option available for Text and Paragraph creation and there decoration. We will also learn about Font classification, How to download and install font, Special Type of font,  Glyphs, and Text on Path etc. And Finally We will Create 4 Real Life Project.

Shape is also a very important element used for graphic design. Without shape we can’t imaging graphic designing so in this module we will learn Everything about shape like shape properties, shape combination, shape to path modification etc. And Finally We will Create 4 Real Life Project.

Camera Raw is like Adobe Lightroom So If you are a photographer ( Any type of photographer ) and capture Raw images then this module make you happy and amazed because Camera Raw is a complete package of Tools that required for light and color adjustment.

You can adjust light and color, remove blemishes, you can also do masking for area wise correction, you can perform Batch process and much more. 

Filter is a very important option available inside photoshop. We have hundreds of Filter like –

Liquefy – Used for shape correction.

Blur – Used For Background blur, bokeh effect,  face retouching and motion effect etc. 

Distort – Used for surface  displacement, Polar Coordinates, Wave Creation etc. 

We will discuss everything in detail and filly we will complete this module by creating 5 Real Life Project .

Inside photoshop you can record your editing process and create an Action and you can use this action for automation like you have recorded a process of image background removal and Now you can apply this action to other image and that will automatically remove image background 

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Some Feedbacks

What people are saying

Amodh Rane


Thank you so much Tausif Sir for this amazing course.The teaching techniques are best with each and every small details, very easy to understand. I would highly recommend this course to all those people who are willing to learn video editing and animation,this course is best. Thank you Tausif Sir once again.

Vaibhav Tandon


I’m Being very honest here, I saw your ad on instagram and i though what knowledge can an Indian give and that too in Hindi, I mean Im a member of many courses like freelance colorist and full time filmmaker, Then after I saw your ad 2-3 time so I opened your link, though to give a shot, I opened some free videos in between your courses (subscribe button) then boom I ended up here. ❤️

Vijas Suvikas


I have tried so many youtube tutorials of after effects. So I can say Tausif sir is best option for those who want to become expert in After effects. One thing that I noticed in his teaching skill is that he teaches or tells right things at right time so learning process becomes very easy. Thank you so much Tausif sir for making this course. I will request you to design Adobe illustrator course also…

Manohar Devkar


I really appreciated Tausif Khalid sir the way he teaches us. I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow. To be honest , this was my first online class. I am looking forward to taking more online classes. The experience of this class has being nothing but positive. Thank you Tausif Khalid sir.



Sir mai aapko bolunga ki mai aapko 5 mai se 10 starts dunga.. u deserve more, just awesome… aap aur bhi course add karen to achha hai, mai aapse sab kuch sikhna chahta huin..

John Ronald


I have watched many videos related to editing. But I have not found a course like this ever… like this course is a very detailed procedure… so please join this course and create amazing videos

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Dussehra Offer - 30% OFF

₹ 10,999

₹ 1,599

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